Five for Friday: Hate to Love, But Make it F/F

We all know just how good a trope hate to love is. Hell, it’s up there as one of my favourites. But you know what makes any trope a million times better? When it’s f/f.

So here are five of the best f/f hate to love books I’ve read. Yeah, there are some more popular ones in here too because turns out I haven’t read that many I’ve actually liked. Hopefully, all those 2020 and 2021 f/f releases will give me something good.

Disclaimer: no, I haven’t yet read Crier’s War. Yes, I have read Her Royal Highness. No, you do not need to tell me about either of them.

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Five for Friday: Non-Western Fantasy

That is (because this title would be too long), fantasy that is based on non-western cultures/outside of the western canon. Because god knows I’m tired of reading the same (Tolkein-esque) style fantasy over and over.

So this rec list is five of my favourite fantasies that are not based on that same sort of fantasy that, while it can be done well (especially when you take out the in-built misogyny, homophobia, and racism that we usually see), gets a little boring at times. A little repetitive, you might say.

As ever, I’m trying to rec some less well-known ones as well, to give some variety (though if I end up listing some more faves at the end? Don’t be surprised).

P.S. please ignore that I skipped out a post, two weeks back. I was knee-deep in a research project with a deadline the following Monday.

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Five for Friday: Opposites Attract

This week, I’m ignoring everyone’s suggestions for a topic and going with the opposites attract trope!

(Or, more generally, an unlikely couple.)

Okay, so it’s a bit of a cliched trope, sure, I’ll give you that. But like most “cliched” tropes, when it’s either done well or done differently (i.e. not white and cishet), it can be very very good.

So, here are five of my absolute favourites.

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Five for Friday: College Slowburn Romance

A while back, I asked for rec list suggestions, and lo and behold I got some. Among which was recs for college slowburn romances.

Up until I made this list, I didn’t realise how few romances set at university I’d actually read. When it comes to it, I mostly read historical romances rather than contemporary, and when I do get to contemporary, it’s mostly adults (i.e. 26+ and out of college). So this was a little tricky (also there are about zero I know where I might relate to the uni experience because they’re all set in the U. S. of goddamn A., but that’s another story).

But anyway. I found five that I would (to varying extents) rec. So onwards.

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Five for Friday: Contemporary Not Set in USA or Western Europe

Another theme coming courtesy of Anna @ Reading Peaches. This time, we’re going contemporary that’s set outside of the usual places, i.e. not the USA or Western Europe.

She did say I could have Aus/NZ as well, but in an attempt to make things, if not trickier, then more different, almost, I’m going to try limit ones set in Aus at least to one at most (we all know I would just be reccing Marchetta all over the place if I was allowed).

But anyway. Here are five contemporary books set outside of the USA and Western Europe.

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Five for Friday: The Best Best Friends

This week’s theme comes courtesy of Anna @ Reading Peaches, who asked me to rec books with good best friend relationships. So here I am.

But obviously, to make things difficult for me, she had to say, the bestest of best friends who don’t go on to become lovers. Because she’s difficult like that. That’s not to say these books don’t contain romance, but they also contain the best friendships.

So, let’s go!

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Five for Friday: Time Travel

Sometimes, you just need to suspend your disbelief and let yourself imagine that time travel does exist (breaking of the laws of physics and fucking with the timeline aside). Because when it’s done good, it can be great.

So this week’s recs are all a little bit more science fiction-y, and all of them feature time travel in some way, shape or form. Enjoy!

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Five for Friday: Morally Grey MCs

Everyone loves a good main character who’ll do anything to get what they want, do what they think is right and/or protect the ones they love. So, sure, you wouldn’t really want to meet them in real life oftentimes, but they’re fascinating to read about.

Which is why today I’m reccing five of the best books with morally gray protagonists. As ever, I’m trying not to rec those books that everyone’s heard about (*cough cough* Vicious *cough cough*).

So, let’s go!

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Five for Friday: Friends to Lovers

Bet you thought I wasn’t actually going to make good on my blogging resolutions, huh? More fool you because I am. For now at least. And where better to start than resurrecting my Friday rec list series. Like I said in my last wrap-up post, I’ll probably be shifting this to fortnightly rather than weekly just so I can keep on top of it.

But anyway. Onwards.

Who doesn’t love a good friends-to-lovers story, really? But sometimes it seems like the only time you see it done right, with all the pining and believing it to be unrequited, and the angst, is in fic. So here I have for you five of the most satisfying friends-to-lovers books I’ve ever read.

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Five for Friday: Bi MCs

Okay, so it’s Saturday, and I failed to post this yesterday, but better late than never, right? Whatever the case, this week I want to highlight some of my favourite books with bi MCs. I’ve tried to go for ones where the word bisexual is used as well, because we all know how little that happens.

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