Book Tag: F/F Feb

Introducing the #FFFeb book tag! I figured, since it’s the end of the month and all, it would be interesting to ask a few questions and see how people got on so. Here we are.

The questions can be found below (first up), followed by my own answers. And if you see this, and did F/F Feb, feel free to join in!

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Book Tag: The Sunshine Blogger Award

I was tagged in this ages back by Mahana @ sapphiclibrary and then I promptly forgot about it (oops). But now, here I am, trying to get better about book blogging, so step one is actually fulfilling this tag, where I answer the questions provided to me and then give 10 of my own.

So anyway. Let’s go!

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Book Tag: Books I Want to Read But Don’t Want to Read

(Okay, I’ve never done one of these before so this is gonna be interesting.)

I was tagged by Laura @ thebookcorps to do this tag of books that I want to read but don’t actually want to bother reading. Which is gonna be fun because I have near 750 books on my TBR. How many of those do I want to admit to not being bothered to read…..

I only got round to this now because of course, it being the end of term, my work load is increasing. Makes sense.

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