Anticipated Releases: F/F (July to September)

I’m back today with an anticipated releases post (not exactly a common occurrence on this blog, I know). And, in true fashion, it’s just another sapphic anticipated releases post.

I’ve only picked a few books here, in the interests of keeping it short, but if you want a full list of all the sapphic releases I know, keep an eye on Reads Rainbow, because I’ll be posting a list for the second half of the year soon (first half here)!

One last thing: a lot of the books in my previous post have actually been pushed back to July-to-September time (lol), but because I mentioned them there, I’m not going to add them again here. Just know they are still up there as anticipated though. Whenever I may get hold of them…

P.S. Again, I’m not including ARCs on here, so a quick shout out to Melt my Heart, You’re Next, Cinderella is Dead, The Space Between Worlds, The Bone Shard Daughter. All of which I was highly anticipating, but have now read.

P.P.S. Also special note to Once You Go This Far, which apparently released first in June, not July, so I completely missed it.

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Anticipated Releases: F/F (April to June)

I figured it’s time to make proper use of that anticipated category I have on this blog, and actually talk about some books I’m excited for. And where better to start than with the f/f (or sapphic) releases! Because we’d be here all day if I actually listed all of them, I’m going to be doing them in 3-month blocks (if I remember).

So this is the first post: anticipated f/f releases from April to June of this year. I’m trying to add reasons why I’m so excited specifically too, but really, most of the ones on this post are just BECAUSE IT’S SAPPHIC. So yeah.

P.S. I’m not including ones I’ve already read the ARCs of on here (else we’ll be here forever), but bonus mention to Dangerous Remedy, Queen of Coin and Whispers and The Scapegracers. Both of which you should preorder. Trust me.

P.P.S. I tried to cut this down as much as possible. It’s still long as anything, sorry.

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Book Releases: February

When I went to write this post, I thought, I’ll keep this list to five books. That’s plenty. But then, I looked at the books I had marked as to-read, releasing in February, and I realised that, thankfully (for you, and for my bank account, lol), there are actually only five book releases in February that I’m really really excited about. There’ll also be another list posted on Reads Rainbow, with specifically LGBT releases, sometime soon, so watch out for that.

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