Best of: March 2020

In March, I made an effort to read through my ARCs. And I think I did alright with that. I read all those I had at the start of the month (plus a few that I was approved for during the month), and now I’m left with only 3 unread ARCs, and one currently reading one.

Now all I need to do is catch up on reviewing them (hahahaha).

I also kind of went on a few romance binges throughout the month so that’s why my total books count is maybe a little inflated.

Total books: 51

Novels: 41
Novellas: 9
Poetry: 1

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All the Books I Read for #FFFeb 2020

Last month was #FFFeb, so for my wrapup post I’m going to do something a little different. Instead of giving you my favourite reads, I’ll give you all my reads (plus ratings).

Yeah, fun, I know.

So, let’s get started.

Total books: 30

Novels: 24
Novellas: 1
Poetry: 1
Graphic novels: 4

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Best of: January 2020

New year, new me, because I have, shockingly, succeeded in completing my TBR for the month! I know, I am as surprised as you are. But it happened. I ticked off every book I had on it, got ahead on my ARCs in time for F/F Feb – I was organised. (Bets on how long that’ll last?)

Anyway. Of the 42 books I read in January, these 15 were my favourites.

Total books: 42

Novels: 31
Novellas: 5
Poetry: 3
Non-fiction: 2
Graphic novels: 1

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Best of: December 2019

At the beginning of December, I’d read 326 books. This was something like a handful short of my 2018 total, some 20-odd short of my 2016 total, and about 70 short of my 2017 total. So, not entirely seriously, I was like hey what if I tried to beat my 2017 total. And obviously that then became hey what if I tried to hit 400 books for the year.

And then it became less of a joke.

Note to self: if you decide to try read 400 books next year, don’t choose to do it with one month left, 74 books short.

Total books: 75

Novels: 27
Novellas: 47
Poetry: 1

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Best of: November 2019

November was a weird month reading-wise for me because I look back and I’m like, yeah it was kind of shit, because I read a lot of meh books (or those are the ones that stand out), but then I went to do this and included almost half the total books I read so. I seem to have swung wildly between shit/mediocre and really good/amazing. One day I’ll manage a wholly positive month I’m sure.

Total: 30 books

Novels: 18
Novellas: 11
Non-fiction: 1

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Best of: October 2019

You know when you write a post and then just completely forget to post it for an entire month? Well, that’s what’s happened here, so bear with, because you’re about to get two wrap-up posts in quick succession.

Anyway. I don’t remember a whole lot about what I read in October (lol), so let’s just get this out of the way.

Total: 23 books

Novels: 16
Novellas: 4
Short story collections: 2
Anthologies: 1

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Best of: September 2019

September was a slow month for me reading-wise (damn those two weeks where I had to write up my research project), so I read less than half the number of books I read in August. But, it was mostly a month of good books, for once. I think I only rated one book less than three stars, which means that I have quite a few books I really enjoyed as a fraction of ones I read.

So, let’s go.

Total: 22 books (and three were rereads)

Novels: 20
Novellas: 1
Poetry: 1

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Best of: August 2019

Folks, we’re back to not completing TBRs as August ends. Yeah, I know, I’m as surprised as you are (not). Because my research project is due mid-September and I have then got to go job-hunting (bleh), I’m not bothering with one for this month really (besides the two I didn’t get to last month plus Reads Rainbow’s book club read).

But anyway, enough dwelling on the books I didn’t read, and more on what I did.

Total: 49 books (so close damnit)

Novels: 46
Novellas: 2
Short stories: 1

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Best of: July 2019

Drum roll, please. I finished a TBR!! Sounds fake, I know, but it happened! Mostly because I was able to take a whole week just to read, so the chances of it happening again? Preeetty slim.

But anyway, stats for this month (and then the best reads, as usual, no way am I spending time putting 39 books in this post):

Total: 39 books (+1 DNF)

Novels: 31
Novellas: 4
Poetry: 2
Graphic novels: 3

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Best of: June 2019

Guess what? This month, I’m not opening with “I didn’t finish my TBR”, and that’s because I didn’t set myself one! (Barring the books I read for a series of Pride month buddy reads with Anna for Reads Rainbow, that is.) Yeah, there were a couple of books that I was aiming to finish in the month (namely the ones that have repeatedly been on my TBR since January), but it was all chill.

I will be setting myself a TBR for July though, mostly because I’m going on holiday for a week (and there is nothing to do but read while I’m there).

But, this month:

Total: 34 books

Novels: 22
Novellas: 4
Poetry: 2
Graphic novels: 2
Essays: 1
Short story collections: 3

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