Book Review: A Far Wilder Magic

Allison Saft

Rating: 5 out of 5.

published: 8th March 2022
spoilers? no


When Margaret Welty spots the legendary hala, the last living mythical creature, she knows the Halfmoon Hunt will soon follow. Whoever is able to kill the hala will earn fame and riches, and unlock an ancient magical secret. If Margaret wins the hunt, it may finally bring her mother home. While Margaret is the best sharpshooter in town, only teams of two can register, and she needs an alchemist.

Weston Winters isn’t an alchemist–yet. Fired from every apprenticeship he’s landed, his last chance hinges on Master Welty taking him in. But when Wes arrives at Welty Manor, he finds only Margaret and her bloodhound Trouble. Margaret begrudgingly allows him to stay, but on one condition: he must join the hunt with her.

Although they make an unlikely team, Wes is in awe of the girl who has endured alone on the outskirts of a town that doesn’t want her, in this creaking house of ghosts and sorrow. And even though Wes disrupts every aspect of her life, Margaret is drawn to him. He, too, knows what it’s like to be an outsider. As the hunt looms closer and tensions rise, Margaret and Wes uncover dark magic that could be the key to winning the hunt – if they survive that long.

Galley provided by publisher

CWs: antisemitism, animal injury, animal death, gore, parental neglect, panic attacks

A Far Wilder Magic is a must-read for fantasy romance fans, a book that utterly consumes you, that you finish reading and find it’s thrown you straight into a reading slump. On some level, I’ve been thinking about this book for every minute of every day since I read it.

The story follows Wes Winters and Maggie Welty, two outsiders and polar opposites, who team up, each for their own reason, to capture a mythic creature and achieve what they most want. And, of course, they end up falling in love along the way.

I loved Down Comes the Night when I read it and, like a fool, thought that that couldn’t be topped. And then Allison Saft goes and proves me wrong. I’m not sure I can find the words to explain just how much I adored this book. From the writing to the world to the characters in it, I loved every aspect so much. Every time I’ve attempted to review this book, all I’ve ended up with is some kind of nonsensical babbling about how much I love it. I can’t guarantee that this review won’t just go the same way.

Let me start at what first struck me about the book, and that’s Maggie and Wes. Two POV characters who I loved from the first instant I met them? Thank you very much! Give me a relationship between characters who are complete opposites but who, somewhat begrudgingly at first, find comfort in one another and I will simply burst into tears. This is perhaps partly the reason I can’t review this book very well. I just start crying whenever I think about Maggie and Wes.

The worldbuilding and writing tie together for me. The writing is gorgeous and evokes the world so well, you feel like you could be right there with Maggie and Wes. I mean, I knew this would be the case from Down Comes the Night, but do you ever read a book where you know something’s gonna be how it is, and still find yourself in complete awe of the writer’s craft? That’s how I felt reading A Far Wilder Magic.

In all, I would rank this book as perhaps one of the best I’ve read this year and, if not that, then definitely one of my absolute favourites. This is a book I would say you really really don’t want to miss out on in 2022.

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