Anticipated Releases: Sapphic (October to December)

I’m back today with an anticipated releases post (not exactly a common occurrence on this blog, I know). And, in true fashion, it’s just another sapphic anticipated releases post.

These are, of course, only releases I am anticipating. If you want to know about all the sapphic releases of 2020 (that I know about), check out these posts on Reads Rainbow: Jan to Jun and Jul to Dec. If you want to know what I was anticipating earlier this year, here are Apr to Jun and Jul to Sept.

P.S. Again, I’m not including read ARCs on here, so a quick shout out to I Hope You’re Listening, Ring Shout, Laurel Everywhere, The Lady Upstairs and The Liar’s Guide to the Night Sky.

Forget This Ever Happened
Cassandra Rose Clarke

Release Date: 6 October

Sometimes there’s a town called Indianola.

And sometimes there isn’t.

Summer, 1993. Claire has been dumped in rural Indianola, Texas, to spend her whole vacation taking care of mean, sickly Grammy. There’s nothing too remarkable about Indianola: it’s run-down, shabby, and stifling hot, a pin-dot on the Gulf Coast.

Well, there is one remarkable thing, she discovers. Something otherworldly.

But if you leave Indianola, you forget about it… and if you stay, you have to live with it every day.

Because there’s a confluence of energies at Indianola, a fissure in time and space, a gap in reality. Nothing is as it seems. And unless Claire can figure out this town–the talkative lizards under the pecan trees; the honey-sweet but terrifying girl next door; the cute daughter of a powerful family, who would answer Claire’s questions if she had any answers; the pervasive sense of history coming unspooled, like a video tape–she might never leave.

Featuring a mindbending plot, heartfelt queer romance, brilliant writing, and intricate worldbuilding, Forget This Ever Happened is a lush and thrilling genre-bender perfect for the Black Mirror generation.

I’m excited because…

There’s nothing that hits quite like small town with weird vibes hits as a trope. I don’t know what it is about it, but it’s just so creepy and fun and combine that with a mystery? I’m there.

Beyond the Ruby Veil
Mara Fitzgerald

Release Date: 13 October

A dark, queer YA fantasy that’s perfect for fans of the Three Dark Crowns series and Wicked Saints. After Emanuela Ragno kills the one person in Occhia who can create water, she must find a way to save her city from dying of thirst.

Emanuela Ragno always gets what she wants. With her daring mind and socialite schemes, she refuses to be the demure young lady everyone wants her to be. In her most ambitious move yet, she’s about to marry Alessandro Morandi, her childhood best friend and the heir to the wealthiest house in Occhia. Emanuela doesn’t care that she and her groom are both gay, because she doesn’t want a love match. She wants power, and through Ale, she’ll have it all.

But Emanuela has a secret that could shatter her plans. In the city of Occhia, the only source of water is the watercrea, a mysterious being who uses magic to make water from blood. When their first bruise-like omen appears on their skin, all Occhians must surrender themselves to the watercrea to be drained of life. Everyone throughout history has given themselves up for the greater good. Everyone except Emanuela. She’s kept the tiny omen on her hip out of sight for years.

When the watercrea exposes Emanuela during her wedding ceremony and takes her to be sacrificed, Emanuela fights back…and kills her. Now Occhia has no one to make their water and no idea how to get more. In a race against time, Emanuela and Ale must travel through the mysterious, blood-red veil that surrounds their city to uncover the secrets of the watercrea’s magic and find a way to save their people-no matter what it takes.

I’m excited because…

This has been described as a tiny chaos lesbian and her himbo best friend and if that’s not enough to get you interested, who knows what would be.

Plain Bad Heroines
Emily M. Danforth

Release Date: 20 October

Our story begins in 1902, at The Brookhants School for Girls. Flo and Clara, two impressionable students, are obsessed with each other and with a daring young writer named Mary MacLane, the author of a scandalous bestselling memoir. To show their devotion to Mary, the girls establish their own private club and call it The Plain Bad Heroine Society. They meet in secret in a nearby apple orchard, the setting of their wildest happiness and, ultimately, of their macabre deaths. This is where their bodies are later discovered with a copy of Mary’s book splayed beside them, the victims of a swarm of stinging, angry yellow jackets. Less than five years later, The Brookhants School for Girls closes its doors forever—but not before three more people mysteriously die on the property, each in a most troubling way.

Over a century later, the now abandoned and crumbling Brookhants is back in the news when wunderkind writer, Merritt Emmons, publishes a breakout book celebrating the queer, feminist history surrounding the “haunted and cursed” Gilded-Age institution. Her bestselling book inspires a controversial horror film adaptation starring celebrity actor and lesbian it girl Harper Harper playing the ill-fated heroine Flo, opposite B-list actress and former child star Audrey Wells as Clara. But as Brookhants opens its gates once again, and our three modern heroines arrive on set to begin filming, past and present become grimly entangled—or perhaps just grimly exploited—and soon it’s impossible to tell where the curse leaves off and Hollywood begins.

A story within a story within a story and featuring black-and-white period illustrations, Plain Bad Heroines is a devilishly haunting, modern masterwork of metafiction that manages to combine the ghostly sensibility of Sarah Waters with the dark imagination of Marisha Pessl and the sharp humor and incisive social commentary of Curtis Sittenfeld into one laugh-out-loud funny, spellbinding, and wonderfully luxuriant read.

I’m excited because…

The Miseducation of Cameron Post was the first sapphic book I ever read, so clearly I was always going to be excited by whatever Emily Danforth followed it up with. Not to mention Plain Bad Heroines sounds suitably halloween-y.

Seven of Infinities
Aliette de Bodard

Release Date: October

Vân is a scholar from a poor background, eking out a living in the orbitals of the Scattered Pearls Belt as a tutor to a rich family, while hiding the illegal artificial mem-implant she manufactured as a student.

Sunless Woods is a mindship—and not just any mindship, but a notorious thief and a master of disguise. She’s come to the Belt to retire, but is drawn to Vân’s resolute integrity.

When a mysterious corpse is found in the quarters of Vân’s student, Vân and Sunless Woods find themselves following a trail of greed and murder that will lead them from teahouses and ascetic havens to the wreck of a mindship–and to the devastating secrets they’ve kept from each other.

I’m excited because…

Aliette de Bodard wrote one of my favourite series (Dominion of the Fallen), so the likelihood of me not reading her books is like…so low it’s pretty much at the Earth’s core. Plus, the spaceship is the love interest in this.

La flor y la muerte
Iria G. Parente & Selene M. Pascual

Release Date: 9 November

Marte, 2628.

Olympus es una gran corporación que se extiende por la galaxia y divide a la sociedad en trece Servicios basados en las funciones de los antiguos dioses olímpicos.

Asha es una hades y lleva toda la vida rodeada de muerte.

Ianthe es una deméter y lleva toda la vida enraizada en la soledad.

Cuando ambas entran en la Akademeia, ya saben lo que les espera: tres años de internamiento y la Odisea, la prueba por grupos donde se elige a los mejores candidatos para liderar los Servicios. Pero la competición es dura y hay mucho en juego.

El poder lo conseguirá quien esté dispuesto a todo por Olympus.

La flor y la muerte da comienzo a la serie de Olympus (de las autoras de Sueños de piedra, Antihéroes y El orgullo del dragón), compuesta por novelas de ciencia ficción independientes e inspiradas en los mitos griegos.

I’m excited because…

I mean, where better to get into reading more Spanish lit than reading some sapphic Spanish lit? And this is like, Greek mythology remixed and set in space.

Written in the Stars
Alexandria Bellefleur

Release Date: 10 November

After a disastrous blind date, Darcy Lowell is desperate to stop her well-meaning brother from playing matchmaker ever again. Love—and the inevitable heartbreak—is the last thing she wants. So she fibs and says her latest set up was a success. Darcy doesn’t expect her lie to bite her in the ass.

Elle Jones, one of the astrologers behind the popular Twitter account, Oh My Stars, dreams of finding her soul mate. But she knows it is most assuredly not Darcy… a no-nonsense stick-in-the-mud, who is way too analytical, punctual, and skeptical for someone as free-spirited as Elle. When Darcy’s brother—and Elle’s new business partner—expresses how happy he is that they hit it off, Elle is baffled. Was Darcy on the same date? Because… awkward.

When Darcy begs Elle to play along, she agrees to pretend they’re dating to save face. But with a few conditions: Darcy must help Elle navigate her own overbearing family over the holidays and their arrangement expires on New Year’s Eve. The last thing they expect is to develop real feelings during a fake relationship.

But maybe opposites can attract when true love is written in the stars?

I’m excited because…

I’m always looking for a sapphic adult romance that Does It For Me, so I’m really really hoping this will be it. And even if it doesn’t, fully, it still feels like it’s going to be a lot of fun.

Hollow Empire
Sam Hawke

Release Date: 26 November

It started with poison and rebellion. It continues with war and witchcraft.

The deadly siege of Silasta woke the ancient spirits, and the city-state must find its place in this new world of magic.

But people and politics are always treacherous, and it will take all of Jovan and Kalina’s skills to save the city-state when witches and assassins set their sights to domination.

Poison was only the beginning . . .

I’m excited because…

This is the first of two books I put on this list before reading ARCs of them, but I can’t really be bothered to edit this list because, when I made it, I was still anticipating them. Anyway, this is probably one of the sequels I’m most excited for this year, namely because it confirms one of the (amazing) characters to be a lesbian. Frankly, more fantasy novels need to do it.

When the Tiger Came Down the Mountain
Nghi Vo

Release Date: 8 December

The cleric Chih finds themself and their companions at the mercy of a band of fierce tigers who ache with hunger. To stay alive until the mammoths can save them, Chih must unwind the intricate, layered story of the tiger and her scholar lover—a woman of courage, intelligence, and beauty—and discover how truth can survive becoming history.

Nghi Vo returns to the empire of Ahn and The Singing Hills Cycle in this mesmerizing, lush standalone follow-up to The Empress of Salt and Fortune.

I’m excited because…

This is the other book I’ve since read an ARC of, but it too was a highly anticipated sequel, continuing to follow the main of the last book in their search of stories. I couldn’t wait to get back to Nghi Vo’s lush writing and wonderful worldbuilding (and it’s just as amazing as the first).

Are you looking forward to any of these?

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