Book Review: Love in Colour

Bolu Babalola

Rating: 4 out of 5.

published: 20th August 2020
spoilers? no


Discover love from times long ago…

Join Bolu Babalola as she retells the most beautiful love stories from history and mythology in this stunning collection. From the homoromantic Greek myths, to magical Nigerian folktales, to the ancient stories of South Asia, Bolu brings new life to tales that truly show the vibrance and colours of love around the world.

The anthology is a step towards decolonising tropes of love, and celebrates in the wildly beautiful and astonishingly diverse tales of romance and desire that already exist in so many cultures and communities.

Get lost in these mystical worlds and you will soon realise that humanity – like love – comes in technicolour.

Galley provided by publisher

Love in Colour is an anthology of myth and folktale retellings from around the world. And, to be honest, it is probably one of the best anthologies I have ever read.

The stories are pretty varied in where they originate, but there isn’t a weak one among them. Yeah, so I had my favourites (who doesn’t), but each one is so good. Sometimes in anthologies, I can point to my favourites and my least favourites. Here, there was no way I could do the latter. Not one of them wasn’t really good.

(Though my favourites were Nefertiti, Thisbe and Zhinu.)

A major reason why this anthology was so successful for me was firstly how good Bolu Babalola’s writing was. But it was also writing that varied ever so slightly in tone depending on which story she was telling, and I loved that. Not to mention the stories themselves and the variety in just how they represented a retelling. Some were modern, some less so; some took the bare bones of the tale and fleshed it out in an entirely different context (like Thisbe). But each of them was excellent in how it was done.

I think, really, my only gripe about this was that, out of the whole anthology, only one story wasn’t cishet (Nefertiti) and I kind of wish that there had been more. Not that that at all impacted my enjoyment of the stories in any way (I mean, I always want fewer cishets). It was just something I noticed.

But if you like retellings, and want something pretty quick to read, then this anthology is for you.

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