WTRIYL: A Darker Shade of Magic

Every now and then I schedule my reviews far enough apart that I can fit something not review shaped in between. And then I promptly forget to do it.

But not today! (If you see me posting tomorrow as well though, please look away.)

This rec list is books to read if you liked A Darker Shade of Magic. Full disclosure: I am on the fence about the series. Yes, I enjoyed it, but I also had to drag myself through it in the later books. And I have Thoughts about Schwab’s female characters and tendency to write her villains as having backstories where they’ve been abused. But that’s a whole other thing.

Multiple Worlds

As much as I am loathe to admit it, ADSOM is the only book or series I know of that does the whole multiple worlds thing while still being a wholly fantastical setting. Hence why these two recs are both sci-fi. But they’re actually pretty soft sci-fi, all things considered. The Space Between Worlds is about a woman whose job it is to travel among parallel universes. Only you have to be dead in a particular world to travel to it. Otherbound is recced by Anna, and she says it’s gay so you have to read it.

A Prince and a Thief

I mean, it was always going to happen, wasn’t it? I was never going to get through this rec list without reccing THE book. And before anyone says anything, no I will not stand for comparisons with ADSOM when it’s so clearly superior. But anyway. Read Nocturna already you cowards. As for book two… A prince and a thief, a prince and a Mecht raider? Similar enough for my purposes here. And, hey, it lets me rec one of the best YA fantasy duologies around. So my second rec for this is These Rebel Waves.

Brotherly Love

I say brotherly love, but really I mean that specific type of angst where neither is great at communication with the other, and you end up with a whole load of pain because of it. But they still love each other intensely. Anyways, read The City of Brass and A Spark of White Fire and cry with me. I promise it’s worth it.

Individuals with Magic

For these recs, I’m focusing on the kind of role the Antari (or whatever they are) play. So the two I’m reccing involve a world where magic isn’t some norm and people who can do it are somehow special. Fate of Flames is a quick and fun read which you can comp as something like Sailor Moon crossed with Pacific Rim (and yes, that is as good as it sounds). Holly and Oak is a short story about witches and a solstice ritual. And it’s gay, obviously.


Yes, I am scraping the barrel right now, but this is my final trope-slash-theme to rec for. In the first, The Girl From Everywhere, they’re like time-travelling pirates, which is so cool. The second, The Mermaid, the Witch, and the Sea, I have to admit to not having read, but it’s out next week and it’s one of my most anticipated reads.

Have you read any of these books? Are there any others you would rec?

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