WIP Updates: Part II

I have good news, and I have bad news. The good news? I’m back with more WIP updates. The bad news? It’s a whole new WIP.

But also it’s a WIP I am trying to write 100 words per day for at least, so. Likelihood of me finishing this before any other one? High.

Anyway. The WIP.

WIP #3: Fake Dating

I’m calling this WIP fake dating but in reality it’s f/f enemies to lovers fake dating, also known as five times it was a fake date and one time it was a real one, but that’s a mouthful.

It all starts at Addie’s best friend’s wedding, to which it turns out Addie’s ex girlfriend has been invited. Obviously, Addie spends her time trying to avoid her, but eventually, she’s cornered and has to talk with her ex (and her ex’s new girlfriend). Which is when she panics and says that Jude, her nemesis and the sister of the groom, is her girlfriend.

Cue chaos.

The reason this WIP is also known as five times it was a fake date and one time it was a real one is that I’m aiming to frame the entire thing around five fake dates and one real one. The first fake date is the wedding, obviously. The next four? I’m struggling with right now, not gonna lie (but we will get there).

But I have written over 5k words so far (and chronologically as well!), which means I’m gonna give you a taste of it.

On the whole, Addie thought her best friend’s wedding was going swimmingly. The church where the ceremony had been held was beautiful, the flowers were hardly troubling her hayfever, and Ellie in her stunning wedding gown and big beaming grin had outshone every single person in the room. No one had objected to the union, and the aunts, whom Ellie had been particularly worried about, had even managed to confine their bickering to mostly quiet whispers.

And now, at the reception, there was a pleasant warm and happy tint to everything. Though part of that could have been down to the alcohol.

Okay, so the groom’s sister was her high school nemesis (small town), but she was fine with that, she was being polite and everything! If it helped that Jude hadn’t ventured in her direction? Well, fine, but it was the thought that counted, surely.

So, like she said, swimmingly. The perfect day.

That is, until she saw Samantha, head tipped back in a laugh and white-blonde hair flowing over her shoulders.

And that’s all I’m going to say about this WIP right now (mostly because I don’t know any more about this one just yet), but if there’s any of my WIPs you’re most likely to get updates on, it’s this one. So be ready.

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