WIP Updates: Part I

If you follow me on twitter, you’ll probably know I have two things I’m currently writing bits and pieces of. And you’ll probably have also realised I have a tendency to fixate on one for a bit, then drop it for fixating on another, new thing, so the likelihood of either getting finished anytime soon? It’s low.

The purpose of this post series, then, is to try keep me a little more on track in both of them. I’m not setting myself targets or anything, and this isn’t going to be something regular, but I’m hoping that if I say I’ll do something on here, that’ll actually make me do it (commitment binds and psychology, you see?).

It’s the first post, though, so what I’m going to do is just introduce you to the WIPs, characters, and where I’ve got in them.

WIP #1: Assassins

This one basically came about when, late at night, I thought to myself, what if an assassin took a contract to kill a king and then realised she had fucked up and took it upon herself to fix things.

The world that this is set in is probably going to be something based on pre-Roman Celtic Britain (because that’s fascinating and I watch way too many reruns of Time Team for my own good). And, of course, there’s going to be magic. Not big magic, more like the land itself and the surroundings contain magic, which can be felt and channelled (if you ask nicely, this is part of how the druids work), but people themselves can’t do magic. But if the True Heir isn’t on the throne, then the magic of the land will fade.

So, Aster (the assassin) kills the king. And then she realises that she got played by the man who usurps the throne in the chaos that follows. With her friend Mab and brother Ronat, and an army deserter, Caleb, she sets off on a journey to right those wrongs, by finding the True Heir (who isn’t necessarily the biological child of the king). They’re helped along the way by a very irritating druid.

For this one, I have a fairly detailed idea of the plot, but I’m not writing it in chronological order, it’s just in chunks right now, mostly of interactions between characters than anything coherent or descriptive. But I do at least have an idea of how I’m building the world and how the magic system works.

WIP #2: Prophecy Makers

My second WIP came about from a couple of names I came up with on the drive down to Cornwall, and then a few sentences I wrote, to keep me and my sister entertained. It then became something more and now I’m writing it (I mean, what can you do).

The basic premise is that there’s this prophecy which predicts the end of the world. Only the people who usually translate the prophecy have all died mysteriously, and the only ones left are the apprentices, who haven’t quite got the hang of the ancient language, which marks accusative and oblique cases in the same way. So they end up translating it as something along the lines of the earth shall belong to no more and one more shall come. And then, to compound the dumbassery, they assume that this refers to the two MCs, Nicholas Oscar Moore and Olive Nancy Eliza Moore. (The alphabet is a word-syllabic one, but the apprentices then make the mistake of assuming that the word they’ve translated is a proper noun when it’s just a normal one.)

Nick and Olive are in the real world, but the prophecy comes from a world that runs parallel to theirs (referred to as a sister world). In this world, everyone gets a prophecy on their 16th birthday. This can be a minor one (like you’ll get the gift you desire) or a bigger one (you’re going to destroy the world). So this prophecy that gets given to Nick and Olive actually already belongs to someone else but the apprentices don’t know this (some idiot mislaid the records).

With this WIP, I mostly only have the premise. I know very little of what I actually want to happen in it. Which is awkward, because it’s also the one that I’m writing chronologically, and I’m already at that point where I’m like, okay now what? So yeah, for this one I basically need to write out a very detailed plan before I can do much more.

So yeah, those are my WIPs. That’ll probably never get completed but. I can live in hope.

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