On the TBR: May

Hello, it’s me-setting-myself-up-to-fail time! Once again, I only made it through six of the eight books I had on my April TBR (and that was only because I pretended 1st May still counted as April). Which, okay, I finished a couple I’d been stuck on for ages (The Dark Days Deceit is finally off my currently reading shelf), and I’m now on top of ARCs, but I still didn’t read one book I said I would way back in January.

So, this month, I am putting just four books on my TBR. One, because one of them is SO LONG and two, because I have two coursework deadlines and an exam to revise for. And also you know me, I’ll end up mood-reading halfway through the month and ignoring my TBR.

But anyway.

This month’s ARCs are these two. I actually already finished one of them yesterday (a quarter of the way there folks!), but I’ll still add it here.

The Lady and Her Secret Lover by Jenn LeBlanc
Love You, Love You Not by Jo Watson

And, you guessed it, those two I didn’t read last month! (To be fair, I did actually at least start Priory. No excuses for The Heart Forger.)

The Heart Forger by Rin Chupeco
The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon

Okay then. If I fail this, I should be banned from creating TBRs.

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