Book Releases: February

When I went to write this post, I thought, I’ll keep this list to five books. That’s plenty. But then, I looked at the books I had marked as to-read, releasing in February, and I realised that, thankfully (for you, and for my bank account, lol), there are actually only five book releases in February that I’m really really excited about. There’ll also be another list posted on Reads Rainbow, with specifically LGBT releases, sometime soon, so watch out for that.

The Weight of Our Sky
Hanna Alkaf

Released: 5th February

Genres & tropes: historical

Crown of Feathers
Nicki Pau Preto

Released: 12th February

Genres & tropes: fantasy, sibling angst

The Night Tiger
Yangsze Choo

Released: 12th February

Genres & tropes: historical

The Afterward
E. K. Johnston

Released: 19th February

Genres & tropes: fantasy

The Priory of the Orange Tree
Samantha Shannon

Released: 26th February

Genres & tropes: fantasy

So, that’s all I have on my urgent TBR for February, although, let’s be real, I probably won’t get to half of them, if the way my January TBR is going is any indicator.

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